Access 41,590 NPTEL video lecture topics through a Single PDF

Total No. of NPTEL Video courses : 1,007

Total No. of NPTEL Video Lectures : 41,590

Last updated : 20/05/2018, 07:00 AM IST

1,007 NPTEL Video Courses information in a single PDF (Discipline wise)

41,590 NPTEL Video Lecture Topics for 24 Disciplines in a Single PDF (Discipline wise)

Aerospace Engineering



Atmospheric Science

Basic Courses (Semester 1 and 2)


Chemical Engineering

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Engineering Design


Humanities and Social Sciences



Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgy and Material Science

Mining Engineering


Ocean Engineering


Textile Engineering

Why use the sub-domain facility for accessing NPTEL video Lectures available in your local network (LAN)

DIGIMAT offers sub-domain facility for all institutions to access their NPTEL video lectures located in their private network (LAN), in the following form


The following are the benefits, the institution gets by using the sub-domain facility.

The NPTEL video courses are ever growing one and the institutions may have difficulty in constantly updating the course contents in their local server.  Apart from this, the users may not know about the availability / unavailability of such new courses.

By using the sub-domain facility, DIGIMAT provides different color coding options for available / unavailable courses in the local NPTEL server for each institution separately through their sub-domain page.  Also the availability of NEW NPTEL video courses information will be updated regularly in the college sub-domain page, as it helps the college to easily identify the availability of NEW courses created by NPTEL.

Additionally the QR (Quick Response) Code will help the users to access the NPTEL video courses in their Smartphones and Tablet devices when they are within the campus.

GREEN -> Available NPTEL Video Courses in MP4 Format in the Local Server

RED -> Unavailable NPTEL Video Courses in the Local Server

BLUE -> Available NPTEL Video Courses, both in MP4 and PDF format in the Local Server

The institution(s) has to provide the 9 Digit NPTEL COURSE ID information for the available NPTEL video courses to create and publish the QR CODE in the college sub-domain

To better understand the above topic, kindly visit the following sub-domain of an engineering college to see how it works

Anna University (Department of ECE), Chennai